Business Case Development

Anaerobic Digestion (AD)

The project investigated the viability of locating a potential Anaerobic Digestion (AD) facility in the East Midlands that would use industrial and commercial food waste from the region as an input to the process to produce biomethane for application in transport logistics. We provided support to the project based on our knowledge of and networks with businesses, academia, trade bodies, support organisations and technology providers located in the East Midlands. The support provided focused on; a review of the legislative issues around the establishment of such a facility, the identification and quantification of industrial and commercial food waste sources in the region, a review of the knowledge base and skills support relating to AD across the East Midlands, an evaluation of potential funding sources for such a facility, consultation with technology providers and waste management organisations and input into an economic model and planning application for the facility.

Power Generation and Aerospace

Strategic support was required by a manufacturer of ultrasonic testing equipment for the power generation and aerospace industries. We have assisted the company to develop new products, further growing the business. We identified key strategic issues that were hindering the company's growth. One problem was the focus on the technical aspects of the business and not enough on market development. We continue to work with the company to develop leading edge instruments and re-focusing the business on a commercial footing rather than a technical one. The company has more than doubled turnover and significantly increased profits over the course of our intervention, has developed healthy worldwide export markets and is now making in-roads into the nuclear industry.

Intellectual Property Assessment

A specialist electronics company in the East Midlands had been offered some intellectual property (IP) for exploitation in the health environment and that fitted well with their core technology expertise. We were tasked with assessing whether the IP was of a significant strength and worth the investment in both buying the IP and investing in the research and development activity to bring a product to market. Patents from across the world in the field of IP were researched – who owned them, had they been exploited, were they still supported patents and, most importantly, what were they claiming to be novel and how these could be circumvented. The project concluded that whilst there was scope for IP on the subject matter, the IP being offered did not meet the criteria. The company saved thousands by not buying the IP and by not investing in a potential white elephant.






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