We’re a niche independent consultancy, highly skilled and experienced

Based in the East Midlands, with clients throughout the UK, we’re a niche independent consultancy working with technology/R&D focused companies, for over 17 years.

We have a vibrant team of highly skilled and experienced individuals that come together to deliver exciting grant funding, R&D tax credit and consultancy projects for our clients. We’re very proud of our successful track record and feel that our honest and pragmatic approach is key to maintaining it.

We can’t claim to know everything, but our team has a varied set of backgrounds (ranging from mechanical/aero engineering, opto-electronic research, genetics, through to chemistry and economics with organisations such as Rolls-Royce, Bombardier Transportation, Toshiba Research, BAE Systems and Alstom Power) that allow us to effectively support a wide range of projects.

We are extremely professional, open and honest with clients and genuinely passionate about informing and supporting people to enable their organisations succeed. Our informal culture allows for strong long-lasting collaboration with our clients.

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