UK businesses Can Access Horizon Europe

A deal between the UK and Europe has been made, in which, the UK will associate with the Horizon Europe programme – allowing UK businesses to continue to access EU research and innovation funding until 2027.

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Can you claim R&D Tax Relief for New Product Development?

Can you claim R&D Tax Relief for New Product Development (NPD)? A question with a complex answer when you consider how R&D is defined – however the short answer is ‘yes’, providing you have overcome a technical challenge to develop your new product!

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2020 – a year we will never forget!

Wow! What a year 2020 has been! As business owners, a nation and a world, we’ve faced a strange year including rapid changes, challenging times and uncertainty. In this blog, we will review 2020 and some expectations for 2021.

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Grant Funding Post-Brexit

Grant Funding Post-Brexit? The end of the UK’s transition period to leave the EU is nearly upon us and there are still question marks over whether the country will leave with a deal! In anticipation, we look at how we expect the Grant Funding landscape will be affected by Brexit.

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PAYE Cap – Preventing Abuse of the R&D Tax Relief Schemes

HMRC has identified and prevented a number of fraudulent R&D Tax Relief claims, worth over £300m in total. Their preventative measure of a PAYE cap is set to be introduced on 1st April 2021.

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R&D Tax Relief for Med-Tech Innovation

The Med-Tech industry is striving to create new technologies that deliver innovative, flexible and efficient diagnostic solutions for healthcare practitioners. It’s one of the largest, growing industries in the UK right now. Claiming R&D Tax Relief for the development of these technologies can help re-coup a significant proportion of these costs.

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TBAT Innovation Ltd welcomes New Team Members

TBAT Innovation Ltd are proud to welcome 5 new members to their team and celebrate their continued growth throughout this pandemic.

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Large Enterprise R&D Tax Relief Claims – Why Bother?

Due to the amount of money large companies are likely to be spending on R&D – the RDEC Scheme can be extremely beneficial! The Research and Development Expenditure Credit (RDEC) offers Large Enterprises a tax credit incentive of 13% on all qualifying R&D expenditure.

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R&D Tax Relief for the Pharmaceutical Industry

When we think of R&D, we typically think of scientists in white lab coats and in the case of the Pharmaceutical industry, we’ve hit the nail on the head! However, there are thousands of businesses within it, that are still not taking advantage of the UK’s Pharmaceutical R&D Tax Relief.

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HMRC R&D Tax Credit Report 2018-19

It’s that time of year again – HMRC have released their yearly R&D Tax Credit report, detailing the breakdown of the most recent years claims!

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What are R&D Tax Credits?

Businesses all over the UK are missing out on the benefits that claiming R&D Tax Credits could offer their company. This blog covers some of the basics that make a business eligible to make a claim for R&D Tax Relief.

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Join TBAT’s Referral Scheme

Collaboration is key when working in Research and Development. Become a TBAT Referral Scheme Partner to offer your clients and connections an Innovation Partner who will provide support services to access crucial R&D funding opportunities.

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