This application was awarded funding by the TSB with a total grant of over £71k for a £159k total project.

The Project
We were approached by a new start-up company headed up by a registered clinician. Through 15 years’ experience working in the diagnostics and treatment of lazy eye in children a need was identified. Poor quality eye patches meant that treatment was ineffective and the discomfort caused meant children were less likely to wear them for the prescribed duration. This resulted in a low treatment success rate.

The project was to design and develop a new ergonomically shaped eye patch which would be more effective and comfortable to wear. Materials needed to be tested to ensure this result and tooling designed to produce the prototypes. Clinical trials were also required to confirm the results before releasing into the market.

Need for funding
As a new start company the total funds needed to initiate this project were not available. Expertise were also required to assist with material testing and machine tooling. Without the funding the project would have had to be scaled down, done over a longer period of time or possibly not at all.

TBAT’s Assistance
Following a project scoping meeting with the company MD, we were able to start the application process. The size of market and competitors were researched alongside information made available by the client at the meeting. The application comprises of components such as the project plan and financials as well as the application questions and appendices. We were able to complete these, leaving the applicant free to focus on running their business. After the draft application was completed it was sent to the applicant who would check through this and communicate their comments at a follow on meeting. These amendments were discussed and incorporated into the application and submitted to the Technology Strategy Board by ourselves through the online portal.

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