Awarded grant funding by the TSB of £100k for a £286k project.

How did we assist Kimal...

The Project
An independent company specialising in the manufacture and supply of speciality medical devices worldwide, for use across a variety of clinical departments approached ourselves through Medilink West Midlands, for assistance in applying for a TSB Smart Grant. As one of the largest distributors of catheters in the UK, Kimal plc, with extensive knowledge of the industry and access to market feedback, identified a need for a fast and reliable way to detect sepsis. Severe sepsis is a major cause of morbidity and mortality, killing approximately 30-50% of people affected due to delayed administration of medication.
The project aimed to develop a novel platform/catheter capable of detecting the symptoms of sepsis early without the need of drawing blood or analysis. Current treatment methodologies are time consuming and involve obtaining and testing blood samples, when the key to saving lives is in early detection and immediate treatment.

Need for funding
There were significant technical and commercial risks associated with the development project. TSB funding was crucial as it allowed access to qualified expertise which further led to the successful delivery of the project. This enabled a commercially viable solution to be developed for introduction into the market ahead of any potential competition.


TBAT’s Assistance
Following an initial meeting with the project leader, we were able to start the grant application process. The meeting allowed the client to provide us with information on the background of their project, market research, key work packages, the technology involved and a high level cost breakdown. After obtaining all the necessary information our team carried out additional research, structured the project plan and costing, evidenced the case for funding then completed and submitted the application. This gave the client peace of mind and the room to concentrate on the project preparation.

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