Awarded £100,000 which was 60% of the project value.

Background Information

Digital information underpins modern life and levels of data generation and movement are growing exponentially, predicted to rise from 4.4 billion terabytes/year to 44 billion terabytes/year by 2020. However, fundamental capability to extract the value from this data – supporting benefits estimated to exceed £1.5 trillion – is entirely conditional on a robust framework for data storage, access and transfer of large data volumes. This need is not met by any existing technology and the cost and capacity of existing data storage and access solutions is a fundamental barrier to a future big data-driven society and Internet of Things.


Penteract28’s proposed solution

Pentereact28 CEO/co-founder Dr. George Frangou has invented and patented the concept of information density holography (IDH) – a novel photonic technology for advanced data compression which, based on dimensional reduction of complex topological data morphologies and algorithmic compression of the holographic data representation, exploits the holographic principle and algebraic topology. Aimed at reducing data volumes by up to 100 million times, IDH has the potential to support a paradigm shift in future technologies for data storage, access and movement.


The Project

Having demonstrated the wider feasibility of IDH, Penteract28 sought to gain the backing of Innovate UK to prove the concept and accelerate development of IDH as an enabling technology for data storage. The project aimed to realise the core mathematical and software implementation of IDH, targeting a step change in data volume reduction. Building significantly on recent advances in data analysis, compressive sensing, principal component analysis and digital holography, the proposal targeted several key innovations: holographic transformation of high dimensional data structures, topological/geometric analysis; combinatory compression algorithms; and a novel decompression scheme for high fidelity reconstruction.


TBAT’s Involvement
TBAT worked closely with Penteract28 to gather technical and commercial information from relevant staff, and respond effectively to any feedback throughout the process. Meetings in person and remotely were used as appropriate, as well as our own directed activities to actively find and review relevant materials. By gaining a thorough understanding of the technology and Penteract28’s overall business strategy, we were able to structure a proposal that directly addressed the scope of the funding scheme and aligned precisely with the Client’s long term technical and commercial direction. As well as drafting and submitting the proposal, TBAT also assisted with developing the project plan, resource allocation and financial forecasting.


The Outcome

Outcome and current status: The grant application was enthusiastically backed by Innovate UK at the requested level of funding. The project commenced late in 2015 and has progressed rapidly, significantly accelerated by dimensional growth of the team made possible by funding support. Penteract28 expect to finalise the grant project on schedule, and Innovate UK funding has supported significant customer engagement, notably in the defence industry, where numerous pilot projects have been identified to take forward to project completion. The documentation TBAT provided as part of the grant due diligence and application process has been instrumental in a rapid quarterly claim process and served as starting point for excellent project documentation in the relationship with Innovate UK.

Further Information

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“Innovate UK funding has supported significant customer engagement, notably in the defence industry, where numerous pilot projects have been identified to take forward to project completion”

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