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Collaboration is key when working in Research and Development. Become a TBAT Referral Partner to offer your clients and connections an Innovation Partner who will provide support services to access crucial R&D funding opportunities.

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What does R&D mean and how can it help to fund your business?

R&D Tax Credits can be a hugely effective way to inject additional finance into a business, and in recent years, there has been a steady increase in the number of businesses claiming them. However, there is still a large proportion not taking advantage of the scheme.

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Hidden R&D in the Rail Industry

Research and Development in the Rail Industry occurs at all levels, from the rail giants building trains and carriages to SMEs within the supply chain. There is also a wide range of ‘hidden’ R&D that is crucial to keeping the UK railways running and generates innovative new hardware, software and systems which are securing the future of the industry as a feasible public transport and freight service.

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R&D Tax Relief in Civil Engineering

Research and Development in Civil Engineering can often by overlooked and seen as day-to-day business activity – but the sector is full of innovation, often making the work performed eligible for R&D Tax Credits.

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R&D Funding Strategy Checklist

If your R&D team are not yet back to ‘business as usual’ or a ‘new normal’, we’re here to give a little inspiration for how they could spend the downtime, to positively affect your R&D funding strategy in the future.

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5 top tips for your first R&D Tax Credit Claim

We understand that making your first R&D Tax claim can be like navigating uncharted waters. To make the process as easy as possible, here are our 5 top tips for making your first R&D Tax Credit claim.

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The benefits of R&D Tax Relief for Start-ups

Many technology-based start-up businesses are innovative by their very nature.

During the first few years of a running a start-up business, claiming R&D Tax Relief may be far from the top of your priorities. However, making a claim could return a significant amount of much-needed cash to your business.

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R&D Tax Claims in the Materials Manufacturing and Fabrication sector

HMRC statistics indicate that 3,375 companies in the Materials Manufacturing and Fabrications industries made R&D Tax Credit claims worth over £185m for the 2017-2018 financial year.

As of 2018, there were over 42,600 companies in the materials and fabrication sector, of which, only 8% applied for R&D Tax Relief.

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TBAT joins Prodrive for The RAPID Challenge

TBAT Innovation Ltd are proud to be part of The RAPID Challenge for 2020.

Joining Founding Partner – Prodrive, TBAT are this year’s Lead Partner, offering their expertise in funding innovation through UK & EU Grant Funding and R&D Tax Relief.

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What is R&D for tax purposes?

A common question with a complex answer. When claiming R&D Tax Relief, your business must be performing eligible R&D activity – but what is R&D for tax purposes and what is eligible R&D activity?

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When can SME’s claim using the RDEC Scheme?

Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) primarily use the SME Scheme for their R&D Tax Relief claims; however, there are some occasions where a SME needs to use the RDEC (Research and Development Expenditure Credit) Scheme too.

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Book a 1-2-1 session to discuss R&D Funding with a TBAT Director

Managing Director, Matt Symonds, and Director, Sam Stephens, have cleared their diaries for 1 day to book one-to-one consultations, to discuss R&D funding opportunities for your business!

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