Join Business Growth Institute Founder and CEO Shaun Walsh and TBAT Innovation Managing Director Matt Symonds to discuss the steps you can take in your business today to prepare and how you can plan for profit to help you ride the uncertainties and the opportunities of the future.

The world is going through seismic changes that will affect all of us and especially business owners.

The economic waves caused by this change will be tough to ride out. The latest lockdown, Brexit, the end of the government CBILS loans in March and the Furlough scheme a month later (currently) in April will bring another onslaught of redundancies, insolvencies and restructuring. The ripples of all this will be felt for years to come.

In the midst of all this though, there are early signs of a powerful bounce back. Britain’s entrepreneurs will not be held down for long! So how do we best batten down the hatches to survive the storm but also position our businesses to come out surfing the waves of new opportunities?

We’ll be discussing exactly that on this free webinar.

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