How to fund your innovation in the Rail Industry

Innovation in the UK Rail industry began with the steam locomotive and has more recently brought us electric and hydrogen powered trains, the introduction of HS2, more efficient and interactive stations, as well as additional technology such as, mobile apps to enhance customer experience.

There are current demands to reduce the emissions of the UK rail network for passenger and freight, reduce inefficiency and delays and improve safety; providing the industry with the opportunity to be innovative in their thinking and develop new technologies to meet these demands. There is also a big push to improve the passenger experience by creating safer stations, better and clearer ticketing and dynamic timetabling.

These opportunities for innovation lead to a need for R&D funding, which we can assist you to obtain for all stages of your projects.

The R&D Tax Relief scheme is an HMRC incentive designed to inspire innovation and increased spending on R&D activities by companies operating in the UK.

There are many areas of the UK Rail Industry that have a high potential for R&D activities as they achieve an overall advance in knowledge in that field of science or technology. These can include businesses that are:

  • working in the supply chain – designing new materials or parts and testing to ensure they’re durable
  • looking to automate services such as; scheduling, signalling and monitoring of rail infrastructure
  • developing alternative power and propulsion methods such as hydrogen and battery powered trains

Some further examples of eligible R&D activities are:

  • Driver training software
  • Reduction of points of failure
  • Developing maintenance equipment
  • Manufacturing processes to reduce reject rate
  • Solutions to working in extreme or dangerous environments
  • Solutions to monitor station platforms for trespassing and security

Whether you’re involved in the UK rail industry through civil engineering, software development, the manufacturing supply chain, track and tunnel maintenance or improving customer experience, if you’re developing something new and innovative, your business may qualify to claim R&D Tax Relief.

Our Rail industry client’s cover a huge range of R&D activities, with their R&D Tax Credit claims ranging from £10,000 to £2.5 million in benefit received from HMRC.

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