This Defence & Security Accelerator (DASA) competition seeks proposals for novel and innovative technologies, approaches, and enablers to revolutionise military decision-making, mission planning and automation. The eventual aim, for 2030 and beyond, is to exploit a human-machine network that could work collaboratively on military platforms.


Phase 2 of Intelligent Ship will consist of a number of integration and development activities using the Command Lab modelling and simulation environment to evaluate concepts.

Proposals must meet one of the competition challenges which are building on technology from Phase 1:

  • Challenge 1: ISAIN integration
  • Challenge 2: development of ADeMs

Full details on these challenges and the technologies from Phase 1 can be found in the DASA Competition Document here.


For this competition DASA are not interested in proposals that:

  • constitute consultancy, paper-based studies or literature reviews which just summarise the existing literature, even with a view of future innovation
  • do not offer significant benefit to defence and security capability
  • are an identical resubmission of a previous bid to DASA or MOD without modification
  • offer demonstrations of off-the-shelf products requiring no experimental development (unless applied in a novel way to the challenge)
  • offer no real long-term prospect of integration into defence and security capabilities
  • offer no real prospect of out-competing existing technological solutions

Funding Costs

  • The total funding for this phase is £3 million.
  • The maximum funding available for challenge 1 is £1.5 million, expected to fund 1 proposal.
  • The maximum funding available for challenge 2 is £250,000 per proposal.
  • If successful, contracts will be 16 months.


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