Private Investment can be the key to unlocking further organisational growth

Scaling a business does not come without challenges. In many instances, high-growth SME’s fail to reach their full potential due to a lack of available capital. Private investment not only provides the liquidity needed to invest further in your business, it also gives you the invaluable advantage of working with individuals who possess the technical knowledge, experience and expertise to execute your plan and help achieve your growth ambitions!

How it Works

We understand that the concept of raising private investment may be daunting and we want to help! We have engaged with key players in the industry to really understand what they’re looking for when assessing and selecting investments. Our team have vast experience of developing investment proposals, allowing TBAT to assist you in ensuring your business is ‘investment ready’ and give you the very best chance of securing investment.

We will work with you collaboratively to develop a watertight business plan including financial forecasting, sales and marketing plans, market analysis and support you with your pitch deck and strategy development.

When you feel ready, these plans can be presented to a range of investors, either your own or we can put you in touch with our key partners in industry!

Have a history of Grant Funding?

Most grant funding competitions do not award 100% project cost funding; some give as little as 35% depending on business size; therefore, raising private investment can be crucial to getting your R&D project off the ground when also seeking funding!

Businesses that secure both grants and equity investment outperform those that secure only grants or equity investment. These companies tend to raise more capital and achieve higher valuations.

Why? Achieving grant and equity investment involves different due diligence processes. Grants tend to award funds to products that are technologically innovative and achievable, whereas equity investment seeks companies who possess the potential to make money. Therefore, a company that accesses both sources of finance demonstrates they have a viable product and market, two key factors in success.

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Rest assured that following our services, you will be in the best position to get the private investment you need!

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