If you are a UK business that has invested in innovation and completed research and development, you could be eligible to claim R&D Tax Credits.

Our aim is to simplify the R&D Tax Credits claim process with minimal disruption to your business. We have consultants with expertise in a wide variety of science, engineering, software and healthcare disciplines; therefore, fully understand the science and technology your project is centred around.

We do the work, so you can receive the credit, ‘bridging the technical expertise gap’ between you the Client and your Accountant in order to submit a robust, successful and maximised R&D Tax Credits claim to HMRC. Contact us here.

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What are the 2 R&D Tax Credit schemes?

You are eligible for the R&D Tax Credits SME scheme if you have less than 500 employees in your company and/or group and less than £100m turnover.

  • A 130% uplift is applied to your R&D costs leading to a tax reduction of £24.70 for each £100 spent on R&D if you make a profit
  • Loss making? you could receive a cash payment of £33 for each £100 of R&D expenditure
  • Claims can go back two full years resulting in a repayment of corporation tax already paid

You are eligible for the R&D Tax Credits RDEC scheme (formally Large Company Scheme) if you have over 500 employees in your company or group or more than £100m turnover.

  • No minimum R&D Spend
  • No upper limit on claims
  • From April 2020, Above the Line Credit, is mandatory with a benefit of £10.50 per £100 on R&D
  • Repayable credit now possible for large companies
  • Can still access the 30% uplift scheme for previous tax years

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We are an essential partner for your claim!

We have been working on R&D Tax Credits claims for over 7 years and have a 100% success rate. We have identified over £210 million in eligible R&D spend and brought £24 million in tax benefit to our clients, boosting their ability to stay ahead in a globally competitive market.

We have a great understanding of HMRC requirements and have successfully claimed from a range of industry sectors. Our clients’ satisfaction is paramount and, as a result, many return year on year.


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