Elizabeth Stephens

  • During my degree in Molecular Biology at UCL, I was fortunate to be taught by those who are pioneers in their respective fields, learning about ground breaking discoveries and the passion of my tutors served to fuel my love for science, especially intracellular signaling. I have a drive to learn and know there is always room to improve, my hard work paid off when I was placed on the Dean’s List. Practical sessions involved operating a variety of state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and working with super computers.

    I have a passion for travelling and during my gap year I was lucky enough to visit Peru and India, where I immersed myself in their cultures and customs. Volunteering is another major part of my life, when I lived in London I loved helping out at a hospital once a week.

    Other hobbies and interests of mine include Ancient History and archeology, tending to my chickens, foraging and partaking vintage car trials.

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